Ensuring fiduciary compliance for funds that are closing or returning capital to investors

Securities Class Actions Can Be Complicated

Furthermore, they can often progress over several years, resulting in a prolonged battle. In order to monetize securities class action claims and future claim payments, an in-depth analysis of the Fund's trading history is required.



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Monetize Your Future Securities Class Action Claims

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About Us

Lake Avenue Capital, LLC was founded in 2011 for the purpose of securities class action settlement claim purchasing. Lake Avenue enables firms to immediately monetize their securities class action settlement claims. Typically, firms monetize claims due to firm or fund liquidations as a result of closures or return of capital to investors. Lake Avenue conducts in-depth analysis of a fund’s trading history and bids for the right to file and collect on the potential future receivables from securities class action settlements. Based on a proprietary factoring model, Lake Avenue is able to quantify fund’s claims portfolios and offers the fund immediate liquidity in exchange for future settlements payments. Once a transaction is executed, Lake Avenue Capital facilitates the complex claims recovery process over a number of years.

Do you have future securities class action settlements you are looking to monetize?

What We Provide For...

Claims Monetization

Offers companies the opportunity to identify and monetize their legal claims. An assessment of litigation assets will be conducted by us and a monetization strategy will be developed.

Level 3 Assets & Structured Solutions

Often considered to be the most illiquid and hardest to value, LAC works with clients who hold Level 3 assets for which there is no market available.

Account Receivable Protection

Companies are able to obtain Account Receivable Protection to provide them with a fixed recovery in the event of non-payment by their customers due to a fixed credit event (for example, bankruptcy or liquidation).

Litigation & Judgment Funding

Our litigation funding mechanism allows litigants to mitigate the direct costs associated with bringing meritorious claims to court.

Illiquid Interests

LAC Deals with limited partner and shareholder interests as well as troubled investment funds, which allows investors to extract immediate value from otherwise illiquid  interest

Non-Performing Loans

Non-performing loans represent a major challenge as it reduces the profitability and is often presented as preventing banks from lending more to businesses and consumers. Among Lave Avenue's clients are issuers looking to divest assets determined to be strategically non-essential to their core platform.

Liquidating Entities

In these transactions, monetizing future claim payments enables the fund to meet its fiduciary responsibility by acting in its investors’ best interests and properly compensating investors for their share of future securities class action settlement claim payments. This process also enables the fund to determine a final NAV for audit purposes and mitigates time/value uncertainties through immediate monetization of securities claims.

Our Process

Funds need to meet their fiduciary requirements by acting in the best interest of the investors and by adequately compensating the investors for their share of future settlement claim payments. They do this through monetizing future claim payments at the time of liquidation.

First Step
Second Step
Third Step

Obtain Historical Data

Lake Avenue obtains historical data from the fund. If data is not available internally, we will facilitate data retrieval from the fund's custodian or administrator


Using our proprietary valuation model, we analyze the firm's transactions against our extensive database of securities class action litigations and potential eligibilty for future settlement claim payments is determined.

Purchase Offer

Based on our analysis, we then provide the fund with a securities class action purchase offer. Due to our highly automated transaction processing and claims valuation process, complete transactions can be executed in as little as a week.

The average life cycle of a securities class action settlement is 4 years 7 months. By selling your claims rights to Lake Avenue, your Fund can be instantly monetized.

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