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Lake Avenue’s transaction counterparties are comprised of institutional investors, including mutual funds, hedge funds and other asset management firms. There are generally two types of counterparties  who are interested in monetizing their securities class action claims. The first transaction type is  funds in the process of liquidation.  In  these transactions, monetizing future claim payments enables the fund to meet its fiduciary responsibility by acting in its investors’ best interests and properly compensating investors for their share of future settlement claim payments. This process also enables the fund to determine a final NAV for audit purposes and mitigates time/value uncertainties through immediate monetization. These counterparties  include firms that are closing altogether or firms that are shutting down a particular investment vehicle in their fund family. The second type of counterparty that Lake Avenue transacts with is  funds returning capital to outside investors, but continuing to manage money as a family office.  For these firms,  monetization enables the fund to provide specific start and end dates for eligible trading to be included in the bid process and allows the fund to properly compensate investors for claims in securities that were traded while they were invested in the fund.