Our Claims Monetization Process

Payouts in less than 7 days

If we are able to normalize your complete data we may be able to deliver a payout within one week. 

Funds need to meet their fiduciary requirements by acting in the best interests of the investors and by adequately compensating the investors for their share of future settlement claim payments. They do this through monetizing future claim payments at the time of liquidation.

Further, the average lifecycle of a securities class action settlement is 4 years and 7 months.

That is a long time for a Fund to be kept open while waiting to be paid on a single claim.

By selling their claims rights to LAC, the Fund can be instantly monetized.

First Step: Obtain Historical Data

After execution of a non-disclosure agreement, Lake Avenue obtains historical trading transaction data from the fund. If data is not available internally, Lake Avenue will facilitate data retrieval from the fund’s custodian or administrator.

Second Step: Evaluate Using Lake Avenue's Proprietary Valuation Model

Using our proprietary valuation model, we analyze the firm’s transactions against our extensive database of securities class action litigations. After researching the extent to which claims have already been filed, we determine the potential eligibility for future settlement claim payments.

Third Step: Provide a Securities Class Action Purchase Offer

Based on this analysis, we then provide the fund with a securities class action purchase offer. Due to the highly automated nature of our transaction processing and claims valuation process, we typically present offers very quickly, with complete transactions being executed in as little as a week. Our process makes it easy to liquidate and monetize securities class action claims.